Welcome monthly plan users

We welcome you all to the amazingly speedy QUBEE internet. You can now play way harder with these amazing monthly plans!

Monthly Plans

Terms & Conditions

  • Security deposits of Low-gain and High-gain device are 1,500 & 2,500 respectively
  • Highest limit of internet data usage contains both download and upload
  • In case of unused connection, security deposit will be provided on returning the device in a usable condition within 3 months
  • To get 100% OFF on connection fee please refer to the table below:


  • Please be confirm about QUBEE network of your respective areas before taking new connection
  • Internet speed mentioned in the leaflet/poster is the highest possible speed
  • Internet speed depends upon some facts e.g. internet traffic, web page access speed, destination server, tower distance, hardware or used technologies
  • All fields are VAT Inclusive
  • Fair Usage Policy applied